Japanese: KILL – Is it too scary!? The words with “kill” in daily life

The usage of "kill" is quite common in Japanese language. We often see this scary word in daily life in Japan. Let's explore together!

Japanese: What does MOTTAINAI (もったいない) mean?

MOTTAINAI (もったいない) is commonly used in Japanese language. Do you know what MOTTAINAI means and where it comes from?

Japanese: What does “Yabai” (やばい) mean? Is the word popular among young generation?

Have you heard やばい(ヤバイ) [yabai] in Japanese? What does Japanese "Yabai" (やばい) mean? Is the word popular among young generation? - 日本語の「やばい(ヤバイ)」の意味と由来を英語で解説

Japanese: Super polyphonic Kanji – What is it? How many readings?

All the Japanese people know what the most polyphonic Kanji (Chinese character) is. However, nobody knows the exact number of readings. In Japanese, the most of Kanjis are polyphonic. Let us explore the mysterious Kanji world! (日本語でいちばん読み方の多い漢字は「生」)