Japanese: Three primary colors and Four primary colors in Japan!?

Each language has basic color terms, and you will find the expressions in Japanese are quite unique. Let's take a look at the differences and origins! - 日本語と中国語の基本的な色の表現の違い 三原色と四原色!?【英語版】

Japanese: Super polyphonic Kanji – What is it? How many readings?

All the Japanese people know what the most polyphonic Kanji (Chinese character) is. However, nobody knows the exact number of readings. In Japanese, the most of Kanjis are polyphonic. Let us explore the mysterious Kanji world! (日本語でいちばん読み方の多い漢字は「生」)

Japanese: Frequently seen figurations related to cats

Learn Japanese - Because cats are closely related to Japanese life, there are the numbers of Japanese figurations (idioms) related to cats. It is so much fun! Let's take a look at some common figurations related to cats! (猫に関する日本語の比喩・言い回しを英語で解説)